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Injured Despite Using a Seat Belt? Contact an Attorney.

Emergency room health care providers in Virginia are familiar with the immediate aftermath of accidents. So, too, are lawyers – ask a Leesburg accident attorney about what happens when vehicles collide. Doctors and lawyers know that head, brain and spinal injuries are both common and devastating. Both also know the consequences of these injuries on their victims – and that treatment, lost time from work and long-term care can be monstrously expensive.

Although the incidence of spinal injuries – specifically, lower thoracic and upper lumbar fractures – resulting from auto accidents is low when the standard three-point safety belt is used, the Association for the Advance of Automotive Medicine reports that passengers who misuse belts tend to experience more injuries. In other words, the best defense against auto accident injuries is to properly use the mandated safety devices provided in all cars.

However, some accidents are so catastrophic that seat belts and even air bags fail to prevent injury. For example, if a large vehicle such as an SUV or truck broadsides your car, serious injury or death might result. In Virginia, after an auto accident, you can bring a lawsuit against a negligent driver due to his or her responsibility for those injuries as well as damage to your vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, it may be possible to win a financial settlement from the driver, company or municipality responsible for your accident. The attorneys at Simms Showers LLP can advise you on the time limitations for filing a claim and explain why using a law firm is most often advantageous over settling without representation. Contact the firm for a no-cost consultation.

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