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Practice Areas

Legal help in a broad number of legal areas

Based in Leesburg, Virginia, Simms Showers LLP primarily represents clients in criminal defense, personal injury, and employment law matters. Clients benefit from our extensive trial experience and ability to provide them with strong and effective advocacy.

Whether you need legal help with a criminal arrest or are seeking compensation for damages through a civil lawsuit, our firm works diligently to protect your rights and obtain a favorable outcome.

We offer our legal services in the following practice areas:

  • Criminal law. Experience on both sides of the aisle — as former prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys — enables us to protect clients' rights and provide them with aggressive representation. 
    • The importance of retaining a criminal attorney. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can explain the charges and protect you against self-incrimination and other Constitutional rights violations.
    • Criminal defense. When your freedom is at stake, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can devise an effective case strategy and defend you against the prosecution.
    • What to do after an arrest? After arrest, it is your legal right to ask for a lawyer and is vital to have counsel present with you during questioning.
  • DUI/DWI. Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are criminal charges and you have the right to an attorney for your defense.
    • DUI Laws in Virginia. Each state has its own DUI laws and any adult whose blood alcohol content (BAC) tests at .08 and minors testing at .02 or higher can be charged with a DUI in Virginia.
    • How a breathalyzer works. Breathalyzers are devices that measure alcohol content but are not foolproof, and DUI lawyers can often challenge the results.
    • Penalties of DUI. DUI convictions carry penalties that include jail time, fines, license revocation and, with repeated offenses, the penalties become harsher.
    • Leesburg drunk driving. When arrested for drunk driving, if possible, consult with a DUI lawyer about whether to refuse the chemical test and for other guidance to protect your rights.
  • Traffic violations. Traffic violations can lead to increased insurance premiums and loss of driving privileges.
    • Speeding tickets. The greater the miles per hour exceeding the speed limit, the more serious the speeding violation.
    • Virginia traffic violations penalties. Traffic violations remain on your driving record, and point accumulations affect insurance rates and can lead to license revocation.
    • Expungement. For some charges, you can have your criminal record sealed or destroyed through a process called an expungement.
    • Reckless driving. Virginia law recognizes a variety of driving behaviors as reckless driving --  they all share in common the fact of endangering other people's lives.
  • Personal injury. Personal injury covers a wide scope of accidents and injuries where people suffer because of another party’s negligence or wrongdoing.
    • Head and spinal injuries. Head and spinal injuries can be extremely serious and result in lifelong medical and assistive care.
    • Auto accidents. Auto accidents are the most common types of personal injury cases which affect millions of Americans every year.
  • Auto accident injuries. A Leesburg accident attorney helps injury victims determine whether other parties are liable to compensate them for their injuries.
  • Trucking accidents. Our attorneys understand the trucking industry’s complex rules and regulations and can help accident victims recover damages.
  • Non-profit law. An experienced business attorney helps clients deal with the legal complexities of forming and running a non-profit organization.
  • Business law. From business formation through business transactions, a savvy business lawyer can help businesses avoid liabilities and put legal foundations in place to expand their operations.
  • Civil litigation. Our firm represents clients in civil matters in state and federal courts and through alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration.
  • Other practice areas. Some of the other legal areas in which we offer assistance include contract law and employment law.

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