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Experienced Drug Crimes Attorneys Serving Loudoun,Winchester and Fairfax, VA

Aggressive defense to misdemeanor and felony charges in Northern Virginia

Drug use has reached epidemic proportions throughout the country, and the Commonwealth of Virginia is one place where the laws are especially strict and prosecutions are vigorous. At Simms Showers, LLP, we represent many individuals who, either because they made a mistake of judgment or got swept up in an overzealous investigation, now face serious penalties and a loss of liberty. If you face charges of drug possession, possession with intent to distribute or drug trafficking, rely on our experienced legal team for an aggressive defense leading to the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Criminal lawyers in Fairfax, VA challenge drug arrests

Most drug charges are different from standard felonies and misdemeanors, because the prosecution does not have to prove intent. Simply being in “knowing” possession of an illicit substance is enough to gain a conviction. If circumstantial evidence indicates you knew that the drugs the police seized were on your person, in your home or in your car, the authorities can imply intent to distribute if the drugs meet a certain weight requirement. With such a low threshold for conviction of serious charges, you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who understands the tactics necessary to deliver a positive result. Our criminal defense attorneys know how to:

  • Challenge a search and seizure of drugs on Constitutional grounds — If the police make a search without probable cause, the fruits of that search are excluded from evidence at trial. Our attorneys challenge traffic stops, frisks, warrantless searches and the basis for search warrants to help ensure that evidence obtained illegally cannot be used against you.
  • Negotiate for a reduction in charges — Prosecutors often overcharge offenses to scare defendants into confessing. Our knowledge of the law enables us to fight overcharging. Prosecutors are also sometimes willing to reduce charges further in exchange for an admission of guilt. In certain circumstances, a reduction in charges and a reduced sentence is the best possible outcome.
  • Negotiate admission into a drug diversion program — A first-time drug offender may avoid prosecution by fulfilling numerous requirements, such as community service, general good behavior, paying restitution, and drug or alcohol education.
  • Fight the case at trial — There are times when justice can only be served by going to trial. When that happens, our criminal defense attorneys are up to the task.

Virginia is a very tough jurisdiction for drug prosecutions. Make sure you give yourself a fighting chance by retaining a highly qualified criminal defense attorney.

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If you find yourself accused of a drug crime in Leesburg, Winchester or Fairfax, help is just a phone call away. Simms Showers LLP offers a free phone consultation, so you can learn about your rights and how we fight to ensure you’re protected. Call 888.409.8671 or contact us online. Se habla español.

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