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How are Traumatic Brain Injuries Proven in a Lawsuit?

Among the most devastating injuries resulting from car accidents are traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which can severely affect a person for the rest of his or her life. These types of injuries can occur despite the use of seat belts and air bags. After sustaining an injury, victims often require extensive medical and therapeutic care and may be unable to work. When another driver or road maintenance conditions are the cause of a TBI incident in Virginia, Leesburg auto accident attorneys are a victim’s best means for getting financial compensation from those at fault to cover the resultant economic burden.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Model System identifies ways to measure the severity of brain injuries, accounting for:

  • Loss of consciousness (whether it happened, and for what length of time)
  • The depth of a coma following the injury (if at all)
  • The presence of fractures, seizures and findings of CT and MRI scans

Some patients with TBI never lose consciousness, and some injuries involve no penetration of bone (referred to as a closed head injury or CHI) – and yet can lead to significant disability.

A Virginia auto accident attorney can help identify the complexity of a TBI. With an experienced car injury lawyer working on your behalf to achieve the fairest amount of compensation you will need, accounting for all costs in the present and into the future, you should not have financial worries heaped on top of your physical challenges.

The attorneys at Simms Showers LLP strongly encourage accident victims to avoid settling with an insurance company without representation. Contact the firm for a no-cost consultation.

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