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Leesburg Virginia DUI Expungement Lawyer 

First offense: chances of expungement

Are you applying for a job that requires a criminal background check? Are you hoping to adopt a child and worried about whether a prior criminal charge will slow down your application? Were you acquitted of criminal charges and just want a clean slate? There are many reasons why you would want to have a criminal charge expunged from your record – the attorneys at Simms Showers LLP can help!

Applying for expungement

Virginia State Law allows you to apply for an expungement if you were found Not Guilty, if the case was dismissed, or if the Commonwealth Attorney declined to prosecute your case – this is known as a nolle prosequi disposition. If your case resulted in one of those three outcomes, you are a strong candidate for expungement!

In order to successfully expunge a charge from your record, you need to present your case to a judge. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney can increase your chances of a successful outcome for your case.

Making your case

Under Virginia law, your chances for an expungement of a criminal offense are much stronger if:

  • You have no prior convictions
  • The offense was a misdemeanor
  • The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office does not challenge your petition
  • You present a clear and compelling case for expungement

Expungement vs. Pardon

A simple pardon is granted by the governor on behalf of the Commonwealth and declares that a person convicted of a crime has been officially forgiven for that crime. However, a simple pardon will not remove a conviction from the criminal record.

Simms Showers LLP has built a reputation helping clients clean their slates in court and bring dignity back to their lives. If you want to expunge your DUI offense from your record, contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Our attorneys have successfully expunged a wide variety of criminal charges, from misdemeanors such as assault and battery, trespassing, and drug charges to felony charges.

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